In recent weeks, good friend Dr. Peter Cooper over at Heteconomist notified the economics community or in particular the MMT community that I had set up a wiki so others can learn and promote MMT over at Wikia.

However, at roughly the same time and developed independently was long time proponent and advocate of MMT ways Selise doing the same thing.  She has the backing of MMT framework specialist Rob Parenteau of MacroStrategy Edge and the current author of the Richebacher Letter.  Yes even Austrians are adopting the MMT framework.  You don’t need to look any further than Rob or Ed Harrison at Credit Writedowns to see that.

Nevertheless here’s the introduction to Selise’s vision and much more.  Here’s her post reproduced in full.  I’d say over the fold but I don’t have a fold.  It is my preference that we all use her Wiki.

This site was built at the prompting of Rob Parenteau and various commenters who have, over the past months, expressed a desire to have a wiki devoted to MMT. Here, if you want it, is your wiki:

There’s not much content — yet. That will depend on the work of volunteers like you. For information on how to start editing the wiki, please see the Getting Started wiki page (no wiki experience required!). For information on how to help in other ways, please see the volunteer web page (not all of us know MMT well enough to contribute significantly to writing content for the wiki, but there are other ways to help).

For information about website organization and communication tools, read on…. is four websites in one: The Wiki (MediaWiki), the Blog (WordPress), the Forums (pre-alpha bbPress plugin from WordPress) and a subscription based email discussion list (Mailman) with public archives.

The registration/login for the Blog, Forum and Wiki is combined for a Single Sign-On (SSO). At this time, registration is required to edit the Wiki, but not to read content, comment on the blog or open topics and reply on the Forum. However, registering for a user account and logging in will bypass the CAPTCHA requirement and avoid most moderation (which can cause a comment to be held temporarily).

Registration for a user account is open and requires only an automated email confirmation.

There are 4 main communication tools: The blog, the forums, the wiki talk pages and the email discussion list, mmtwiki-l. Site announcements, like this one, basically messages on site down time, site updates, etc, will be cross posted on the Blog, the Announcements Forum and the email discussion list, mmtwiki-l.

  1. mmtwiki-l is an email discussion list with open subscription and a public archive. It is available to allow wiki editors and other volunteers to communicate directly with each other.
  2. Wiki Talk Pages are a place for editors to discuss wiki page edits and contents. See Getting Started for info on Talk Pages.
  3. MMT Questions is a public forum for MMT related questions and discussions. Anyone can ask or answer a question (no registration require), but this public forum is meant to give readers a place to ask questions of wiki editors (and others) about topics covered in the Wiki or to request topics for inclusion in the Wiki.
  4. Site Requests and Feedback is a public forum for discussion, suggestions, comments or requests related to the site design and functionality.

Please take a look around and make yourself at home. Questions and suggestions are most welcome.


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