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MMT on the Tube 2

This is the second lot of videos I promised you from last week. The reason for this is that we have more or less covered our broad overview of Modern Money Mechanics more commonly known as Modern Monetary Theory. As … Continue reading

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MMT on the Tube

Over the next two weeks I will be posting some YouTube Playlists that you can watch right here on the site. These videos are all ready available on the site if you wish to get a step ahead; under the … Continue reading

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A Brief for Any Future Federal Government

I prevaricated over whether to put this in the LayPerson or Economics category but I think the result speaks for itself Many readers ask me (Bill Mitchell)  to provide a Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) rule for sound fiscal management. I … Continue reading

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Supply Side Inflation

There are three types of inflation.  The most common is demand-pull.  The other two are cost-push. Professor John T. Harvey likes to label these as cost-push/Act of God & cost-push/market power.  Another name for these is supply side [shock] inflation. … Continue reading

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