MMT on the Tube

Over the next two weeks I will be posting some YouTube Playlists that you can watch right here on the site. These videos are all ready available on the site if you wish to get a step ahead; under the Video tab.

They’re essentially video introductions to MMT by Warren Mosler, Bill Mitchell, Randy Wray with a cameo by James K. Galbraith. I hope this satiates some of the calls for MMT visual media.

Here’s the first lot. Keep an eye out for more next week.

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5 responses to “MMT on the Tube

  1. Clonal Antibody

    Don’t do twitter – so useless for me. But thanks anyway!

  2. Clonal Antibody

    Sorry that was before the videos appeared and it said follow on twitter. Feel free to delete both comments


  3. Cutting the payroll (Social Security) tax superficially sounds like a good idea, but it would deplete the Social Security Trust Fund, eventually making SS a “budget problem” and more vulnerable to cuts by the Republicans. Endangering the future of Social Security is not an option in my book or for a majority of Americans, I would bet. Your campaign won’t get far unless you also have a clear, transparent plan to protect Social Security, such as raising the upper limit of payroll tax payments. Surely there are other, better ways to get money into the hands of ordinary Americans than to attack the SS tax, which is actually a form of saving for all Americans. It’s said that in Australia the government made direct payments to citizens. If true, that sounds like a much better plan. I hope you will address this issue soon.

    • Hi Chris,

      On the surface that certainly seems to be the case. It is absolutely not the case if you have followed the logic of MMT from start to finish. I’ve tried to put it in a reasonable order on this site. Check out the Index if you’re new to the place.

      Otherwise you might like to read Why Social Security cannot go Bankrupt by Professor John T. Harvey or this by Professor Bill Mitchell on the same topic. There are many more of the same nature but those should do. They both specifically address the American issue better than I ever could.

  4. Social Security will never be a financial problem for the US. The US pays its bills in money it creates and can cover a budget deficit of any sizie. There may be a problem with the ratio of workers to retirees but this problem cannot be solved with money..We need to make sure that future generations have the resources, technology and education to take care of their seniors.

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