Daily Archives: 27/06/2011

MMT on the Tube 2

This is the second lot of videos I promised you from last week.

The reason for this is that we have more or less covered our broad overview of Modern Money Mechanics more commonly known as Modern Monetary Theory. As anyone that has followed through by now, is that it is not actually a theory hence my use of ‘mechanics’.

The significant MMT pieces are all laid out in the Index. All anyone has to do is start from the top and work their way through day by day or week by week or a combination of the two as convenient.

Next week’s post will be our final MMT post for now. The site will stay live, FAQs will stay open & I will gradually add to them over time as I work through these posts again myself.

The remaining videos can be found under the Video tab & the Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In tab.

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