You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet here on Modern Money and that has been deliberately so. Modern Money is a resource borrowing from the MMT academics to make it simpler for you to learn Modern Monetary Mechanics.

However I would like to let you know about a few changes to this website. There are a few new links down the right side. You should check them out. I have recorded testimonials (via twitter) about this site and I have added some Resources under the Resources Tab – both Resources and the drop down MMT for Economists are clickable.

Now I would like to introduce you to the MMT Channel. It is a channel where I set up playlists of MMT related news that is uploaded to YouTube. There will be no change to other videos on the site. I hope to be able to bring you a new “show” at the start of each month.

Now not entirely MMT but certainly closely related to the recent ongoing global recession / global financial crisis and the Occupy Wall Street movement; not to mention in the news a lot lately, I give you the Bill Black Show (01:44:01).

Have an MMT Day!


2 responses to “The WILLIAM K. BLACK Show

  1. Hi,

    As reference to distill MMT’s Modern Monetary Mechanics into a more digestible form for the lay public (and one who has been a little quiet lately), I thought you would be interested in a recent FOFOA post that delved into MMT –

    Maybe you could help frame these ideas – its pretty long-winded but I was wondering how you would approach the ideas he sets out?


    • Ultimately it is too long for me. It was then and is now. I have skim read a lot of it but other than having a dislike for MMT proponents, he seems to be pretty close to the mark. The comments make reference to a refutation of MMT but I do not recall any. Feel free to post those separately.

      On a personal note, it would have been better done through multiple blog posts or using a different theme rather than one long narrow column.

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