John Quiggin vs. Bill Black

Happy New Year!

Happy Federation Day! Can  you believe it has only been 111 years?  Are we young or what?  But wise beyond our years…well for the most part.

Thanks to Plutocracy Files and Occupied Media, here is Australia’s version of Paul Krugman versus  MMTers favourite White Collar Criminologist Bill Black

Here’s Australia’s John Quiggin on OWS & fraud

Versus UMKC William K. Black on OWS & fraud

What I’d really like to see is a Neochartalist/MMT debate between Pavlina Tcherneva and John Quiggin or Stephanie Kelton and John Quiggin.  Professor Quiggin seems sympathetic to Pavlina as a choice based on Facebook interactions hence my preferred choice; as John Quiggin is currently a Hinkley Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University it doesn’t seem entirely beyond the realms of possibility.


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