MMT Pleasure

Here is three and a half hours of MMT pleasure with everything from recommended economic fixes for the Euro to Job Creation for sovereign economies to MMT explained quite simply – even in song.

It is also my birthday today and my birthday wish is for Cullen Roche to make his MMT videos public again, even if just for 36 hours.  Information is meant to be free.


5 responses to “MMT Pleasure

  1. Where and when was this ?

  2. This lecture was given at Luther College in Decorah, IA on September 28th 2011.

    • Thanks for the answer.

      Stephanie gave a talk to some congressional committee yesterday and I was hoping it was from that. Oh, well. 🙂

  3. Hey Senexx, you should ask to blog over at New Economic Perspectives, or over at Mike Norman’s site. Better than being lost out here in the cold. All you MMT bloggers should network more and collaborate, seriously.

  4. There’s a sign up at MNE:

    Become a contributor to Mikenormaneconomics
    Got some ideas about economics, policy, science, art or whatever, and you can write? Let us know here, we’re looking for contributors!

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