What is Modern Monetary Theory?

What is Modern Monetary Theory by Warren Mosler

What is Modern Monetary Theory by Steven Hail

The Basics of Modern Monetary Theory

7 Deadly Innocent Frauds, by Warren Mosler (pdf)

Modern Monetary Theory: The Basics

A KinderGarten Guide to MMT (pdf)

Soft Currency Economics

Taxes Drive Money

Tax Driven Money (pdf)

Modern Monetary Theory Primer A-Z by L. Randall Wray

A Primer on the Operational Realities of the Monetary System

The Consolidated Government (Treasury & Central Bank)

The Reserve & Treasury Husband and Wife Team

Wray debunking the lie about the Fed’s Central Bank independence

Mosler Fed Interest and Deficits

Money Growth, Taxes, and Inflation

Can we print our way out of ‘debt’ with Wray

Money Growth Does Not Cause Inflation by John Harvey

Taxes for Revenue are Obsolete

Taxes Don’t Fund Anything by Bill Mitchell

What are Taxes for? By Wray

Replacing the Budget Constraint with the Inflation (aka Real Resources) Constraint

Debt and Deficit Myths

Why the Federal Budget is not like a Household Budget by Warwick Smith

The Federal Budget is NOT like a Household Budget: Here’s Why

The Deficit: Nine Myths We Can’t Afford

In Defence of Deficits by James K. Galbraith

The Big Danger in Cutting the Deficit

Deficit Hysteria: Obsolete Thinking by Darrell Delamaide

Debt, Deficits and Modern Monetary Theory

Government Debt is Not Debt

Modern Monetary Theory Visual Aid Tool

MMT Visual Aid

What Next?

Beyond Austerity by Bill Mitchell

An Alternative to Austerity

The Modern Money Network (MMN)

MMN You Tube Channel

Deficit Owls You Tube Channel

MMT Conference You Tube Channel

Job Guarantees

Full Employment White Paper (Australia)