I like your tweets and have found them useful; only minor complaint is sometimes I get ’em twice – Steve Randy Waldman @interfluidity

Yes always Useful – Mr Denmore @MrDenmore

When I have time to read the…articles, sure – David Olsen DDsD

I strongly disagree with MMT, therefore I like to see your arguments 🙂 – Birk Jonker @birkjonker

I appreciate all your posts and the good information you are putting out. Thanks! – Robert Owens @rowens7781

Anyone spreading the word about MMT is good in my book. Keep up the great work. – Will Thompson @wthompsn

being newcomer to microblogging and MMT found your tweets very useful. Thanks – Vytautus Vakrina @vvakrina

I find your tweets useful – Le Laissez Faire Is Over @leLaissezFaire


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