The Modern Money View

Are you looking for an introduction to Modern Money (MMT)?  The videos below are a terrific introduction.  You may then have some questions.

If you have some prior knowledge of Modern Money you may like to skip over this next video but it is all encompassing and recommended.

The video below is another good introductory guide and will answer many of the questions you are beginning to ask.  I strongly recommend you begin at the 4:12 mark.

That should help along those visual audiophiles but if you prefer the written word you can follow along at #LearnMMT.

As you learn you will find many of the commonly asked questions on our FAQs page.

3rd June 2019:

I’ve added the Gower Initiative of Modern Money Studies to the RSS feeds below.

I have updated the FAQs page.

9th June 2019:

Make sure you check out the links below too.  I’m repeating them here in case they are not clear on the tabs above. 🙂

Let me know if any of the links within fail to work and I’ll find an alternative.

14th October 2019:

Began consolidating Modern Money View into the original Modern Money site.

24th October 2019:

Finished consolidation so Modern Money is more of an educational site.
Modern Money will continue to grow.